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Our Church History


Founding Pastor Rev. A.R. Ross and a faithful few, on South Wood Avenue in Linden, NJ organized the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in 1933.  The building was erected on land donated by Standard Oil Company in 1935.  That property was located on East 14th Street, Linden, NJ.  Rev. Ross served for 16 years and retired from pastorship in 1948 due to failing health.

Rev. Normal Glover was called to lead the church in 1949 and served for two years.

Rev. C.H. Morrell served as pastor for the next nine years (1952-1961).

Rev. Matthew Frazier (from the New Zion Baptist Church of Elizabeth, NJ) was the fourth pastor and served from 1961-1980.  This man of God proved to be a mighty fortress and a man of vision.  Unfortunately, in 1971, the edifice was partially destroyed by fire.  Through the leadership of Rev. Frazier and hard work of dedicated members, it was restored.  In 1973, the church´s name was officially changed to ¨Greater Mount Moriah Baptist Church¨.  Church clubs became known as church auxiliaries, and are now known as church ministries.  These ministries are the following: Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees, Missionary, Floral, Pastor´s Aide, Ushers, Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Golden Age, Culinary, Scholarship and Youth Outreach.

Rev. Frazier began to make preparation to decrease his ministry due to poor health and nurtured one young deacon who had been called out by God.  As the Lord would have it, Deacon Ronald A. Green, Sr. was licensed as a minister of the gospel and later ordained. 

Rev. Ronald A. Green, Sr. served as pastor from December 1980-January 2015.  He was the second Vice-Moderator of the Middlesex County Central Baptist Association (MCBA) and a member of the Lott Carey Organization.  Under his leadership there were ordination of Deacons, confirmation of Trustees, licensing of Ministers, purchases of church vans, scholarship funding for students, annual donations for widows, housing program, childcare center, and meetings for community groups.

Today, we continue to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ under the leadership of Rev. Barry E. Wise II, who was installed as Pastor on May 17, 2015.  Rev. Wise was born, reared and served in many ministries at Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church before God called him to preach.  He sought the counseling and mentoring of the ministry from the late Rev. Green, who faithfully led him through the process of licensing and ordination. 

Rev. Wise, who is a Spirit-filled Visionary, proposes to develop disciples of Jesus Christ through ministries and programs that nurture relationships and emphasize worship, Christian education, community outreach and church fellowship.

Rev. Wise completed his undergraduate education at Penn State University, MBA from Columbia University, and received his Master of Divinity Degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ where he served as the president of the Student Society of Inquiry and Ministry (SSIM) and received the John W. Coakley award for excellence in Church History and Foundational Theology.  He also serves in numerous social justice and community-oriented organizations.

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