Our Ministries


Our Ministries are the way that we impact the community and serve God.  Each one has a special focus that reflects the unique gifts that God has shared with its members.  If you feel called to any of these ministries, we welcome you to try them out!

Media & Technology Ministry

Lights, Camera, Action!  This amazing ministry group handles all of our sound, video, and broadcast operations.

Adult Choir

Praise the Lord!  Our Adult Choir is a major part of our worship service each week as they lead the congregation in praise and worship services.

Missionary Ministry

Our Missionaries are dedicated to the spread of the gospel and building an active fellowship between churches in the community.

Men's Choir

Real men aren't afraid to praise the Lord!  Our Men's Choir gathers to demonstrate their love for God in song and always leaves everyone wanting more.

Social Justice Ministry

Our Social Justice Ministry engages the church and community in carrying out the Biblical mandates to pursue justice in our neighborhoods, governments, and power structures.

Youth Outreach Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is full of amazing young people who come together to create a self-governing ministry to ensure that their voices are heard.

Youth Choir

An excellent opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence, our Youth Choir assembles on a regular basis to carry the worship service.

Usher Ministry

While you worship with us, our ushers do their very best to make you feel welcome and at home.

Scholarship Ministry

When our young people step out into the new world of college, our Scholarship Ministry has them covered with funds to help with books and supplies.  

Golden Age Ministry

Our Golden Age Ministry cares for the seniors of the local community by providing gatherings and social activities that show them how much they are loved and valued.

Floral Club

Our Floral Club provides the decorations that keep the sanctuary and pulpit looking beautiful week after week. 

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